Problem Animal Control

If you’re having a problem with squirrels, skunks, bats, or raccoons, we can help. Wild animals are not only destructive to property; they present a personal health hazard. It is estimated that rodents gnawing on electrical wires cause up to half of all fires of unknown origin. Many animals carry diseases infectious to humans. A bite or even a scratch can cause considerable illness and distress.

Waltham Pest Services’ approach to problem animal control employs the industry’s most humane methods, and is in harmony with our philosophy of least invasive pest management techniques. Our program includes customer education, habitat modification, exclusion, and monitoring. Exclusion allows the animal to exit and harmlessly prevents its return.

Each remedy is custom formulated to your needs and is as permanent as possible. Whatever your nuisance wildlife control problem, our team is qualified and ready with a solution.

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