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We service New Haven homes and businesses from our Milford, CT branch located at 158A Research Drive, Milford, CT 06460.

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New Haven Pest Control

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We offer exceptional service in ridding your home and business of insects, rodents and other problem animals including bed bugs, carpenter ants and mice.

History -
Since 1893 Waltham Pest Services has been your winning team in pest control for New Haven and all of New England.
Our trained technicians have been nationally recognized for their continuing study of the behavior, biology, and control of pests.
We incorporate our Green Theme into all aspects of our services. Our Green Theme belief is that our role as New Haven exterminators is to rid your surroundings of unwanted pests but at the same time protect and preserve the environment.
Our use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) insures that we reduce the amount of chemicals while effectively removing your pest and rodent problem.

New Haven Pest Control & Protection

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New Haven Pest Pressure

As one of the largest cities in Connecticut, New Haven, and its substantial population, attracts a wide variety of pests. Residents encounter different nuisances depending on the season. In New Haven's hot and humid summers, mosquito populations boom and can spread the dangerous West Nile virus. Additionally, stinging insects like yellow jackets are attracted by summer cookouts and overflowing garbage cans, both of which prove excellent sources of food. Japanese beetles feed on a variety of plant species during warm months, while their larvae target the roots of turf and cause considerable damage to lawns.

Spotted wing drosphila, an invasive species of fruit fly, hold a distinct presence in New Haven. They lay eggs on fresh fruit, as well as overly ripe or decomposing fruit, which causes widespread damage. Increasing deer tick populations have also been noted, and the parasitic insect can carry various diseases, such as Lyme disease and Powassan virus, harmful to both humans and pets. As temperatures cool in New Haven, nuisance insects like brown marmorated stink bugs aggregate in buildings. While the insects are not known to harm humans, the egregious smell they produce when smashed and their tendency to accumulate in large numbers can become bothersome.