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Questions From Our Users:

General Questions

Do you practice pet-friendly pest control?
Does Waltham Pest Services offer environmentally friendly pest control?
How can Waltham Pest Services help prepare local businesses for audits?
How do pest control treatments affect children?
What are some of the common pests in the Northeast?
What cold weather pests are common in the Boston area?
What types of cold weather pest control treatments does Waltham Pest Services offer?
What’s a bug that looks like an earwig with wings?

Questions About Ants

Are there fire ants in New Hampshire?
Are there fire ants in Vermont?
Help, I have ants in my bathroom…
Help, I have ants in my house…
How do I get rid of ants in my car?
What’s the difference between a carpenter ant and a common ant?

Questions About Bed Bugs

How can I make sure I don’t have bed bugs after traveling?
How do I check for bed bugs in a hotel room?
How much does bed bug extermination cost?
How prevalent are bed bugs in New England?
I’m moving and want to prevent taking bed bugs with me…
What types of bed bug treatments do you offer?

Questions About Box Elder Bugs

What attracts box elder bugs?

Questions About Carpet Beetles

What is the best way to get rid of carpet beetles?

Questions About Cockroaches

Do I have wood roaches?
Help, I have a cockroach infestation…
How long does it take to treat a cockroach infestation?
If you see a cockroach are there more?
I’m moving and want to prevent taking cockroaches with me…
The apartment above me has a cockroach infestation…
What’s the difference between a cockroach and water bug?

Questions About Fleas

I think I have fleas in my pet-free apartment.
What are some natural flea removal methods?

Questions About Flies

Does apple cider help get rid of fruit flies?
Does bleach help control drain flies?
Help, I have tiny flies in my kitchen…
I can’t get rid of the small flies in my pantry.
What types of fly control does Waltham Pest Services offer for businesses?
When is deer fly season?

Questions About Pest Identification

Help, I found tiny worms in my shower…
What is artillery fungus?

Questions About Rodents

How to control a mouse infestation
Why are mice in my house in the summer?

Questions About Silverfish

Do silverfish eat wool?
I think I have silverfish in my basement.

Questions About Spiders

Are there black widow spiders in Massachusetts?
Are there brown recluse spiders in Massachusetts?
Help, I think I may have a black widow spider in my house…
How much does spider removal cost?

Questions About Termites

What types of termite treatments are available in the New England area?

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